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Cookies by Shraga

Shraga grew up in the States the second of 10 children. When he was a child he began helping his mother in the kitchen and cooking for Shabbat.

After high school he came to Israel and found the lack of cookies concerning. He began making cookies every Shabbat until he had perfected the recipe and achieved the perfect cookie. 

Over the years he has shared this perfect cookie with his friends and famikly, now you can enjoy Shraga's Cookies as well.

Our services are top quality
and we're doing our best for you happiness  

1. We are constantly innovating

Each week Shraga and his family are sunject to cookie testing. New flavors and new combinations are tried and tested on real humans before heading to market.

2. Making Shabbat that much sweeter

The secret to Shraga's cookies is sugar. He makes his cookies sweet and makes your Shabbat even sweeter

3. Now with delivery in Efrat

Now we offer free delivery in Efrat for all orders over 50 shekel, so what are you waiting for?

Choose your favorite cookie. Upgrade your Shabbat today.

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